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Meet the flagship products of TECHHEIM.


    Cloud-based AI convergence PACS solution

    • Cloud-based Picture Acquisition and Communication System (PACS) for medical Imaging system
    • Support big data and AI integrated solution
    • Provide diagnostic features such as image display, reading and preparation of readings
    • Provide various types of work list in which pre-set search filters are applied
    • 100 % web browser compatible viewer based on HTML5 technology supported
    • Web-based optimal image search
    • AI integrated solution support
    • Multiple monitor feature support (up to 4 monitors) 
  • PRODUCT ViewRex3

    Installation Type (On premises type) Picture Acquisition and Communication System (PACS)

    • Advanced technology and user (Medical institutions) opinions reflection
    • Support in 10 languages: Global Standard PACS Solution
    • Stylish image frame
    • Modification and expansion according to each user’s preferences
    • Provide a user-friendly interface
    • Quick video display through pre-loading and background loading technology
    • Windows 64 bit OS support
    • Various user-specific option setting features
  • PRODUCT ViewRex Video

    DICOM Gateway solution

    • Compatible with capture boards that support a WIDM driver 
    • High-definition image and video support 
    • DICOM MPEG2 and MPEG4 imaging compression support 
    • Large storage capacity that takes up small space 
    • Storage and management of patients in the local database 
    • Worklist support which enables interworking with PACS, OCS, EMR, etc.
  • PRODUCT ViewRex Mobile

    PACS solution for mobile that can search contents on a smartphone or tablet PC

    • DICOM and DICOM multi-frame image search 
    • Quick image search via real-time image buffering 
    • Support Zoom, Pan, Windowing, Imaging Scroll, Reverse/Flip, WW/WL Preset, HU, and Measurement features
    • Various layout and display modes 
    • Reading report search 
    • Mobile EMR interworking support

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